IT solutions provider Nostra has penned a deal with Market Hub to be its installation partner in Ireland and the UK. Market Hub, is a Dublin-based start-up that offers retailers the ability to put together pricing and promotion strategies using Big Data analytics. Roy Horgan, founder of Market Hub, said: “Market Hub uses its dynamic pricing technology to allow retailers to become more agile and proactive to market movements in prices.

For example 100’s of tons in food waste is being dumped every year, however if retailers had a tool to determine when to promote, at what price, and then at the press of the button change the price, as much as 50% of that waste can be saved, which all goes to the bottom line.” Nostra managing director Kevin O’Loughlin said: “This deal represents a real coup for Nostra. Market Hub are a very exciting and ambitious young company, who are going to open all sorts of doors for retailers both big and small throughout Ireland and the UK. Being chosen as the installation partner for Market Hub’s new range of shelf-based electronic labels is testament to the hard work of the Nostra team, and our unwavering mission to always be at the forefront of new technology.” To date Nostra has partnered with Microsoft, HP, Apple, and Dell. It employs 40 full time staff.