Self Learning Bakery



The self learning bakery by MarketHub analyses sales data and linking this to bake plans, optimise output across your stores.



Complete Automation

By analysing patterns in production, sales and waste the Self Learning Bakery allows your stores to fully automate their bakeries.


Waste Analysis

The Self Learning Bakery helps you analyse your in-store sales and waste helping you make informed decisions.


In-store Communication

Our system syncs price reductions to bake plans ensuring minimal waste and the ability to spot trends in demand.

Self Learning Bakery and the Seamless Store


For the majority of bakeries production planning is something that falls low on the list of priorities. As a result retailers are over producing baked goods leading to huge amounts of waste and lost sales. The Self Learning Bakery is a product created by Market Hub that gives retailers the opportunity to fully automate in-store bakeries. It analyses patterns in production, sales, waste and promotions and from this generates discount schedules; minimising waste, optimising sales and ultimately increasing profits.

How does the Self Learning Bakery work?


  • The Baker is given a weekly bake plan.
  • The Baker logs details of what they baked in the Self Learning app. Based on sales of baked goods.
  • The Self Learning Bakery suggests the optimum time for in-day discounting to maximise sales and minimise waste.
  • From this a discount schedule is generated and sent directly to the retailers Point of Sale.
  • As closing time nears the electronic shelf labels update prices and highlight discount offers on specific SKU’s.


Do I need to have Pulse or electronic shelf labels to use Self Learning Bakery?

For optimal results and efficiency we do recommend using Self Learning Bakery in conjunction with Pulse and electronic shelf labels however it can be used as a stand alone product.

Can I use Self Learning Bakery in other areas in-store?

Of course! This can be used in virtually any area that offers fresh produce and deals with waste on a daily basis. Our customers have seen huge success in the following areas: deli counter, butchery, fish counter and the fresh fruit and veg aisles. 

How will Self Learning Bakery help my store?

The Self Learning Bakery has been built to help you understand the daily demands of each in-store category so that you can effectively manage resources and waste. Ultimately it is aimed at reducing waste and increasing profit. 


Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

“I started using Pulse in my forecourt shop in July 2016. Within  weeks I was so impressed with the results that I had it ordered for my other two stores.

It’s an essential management  tool, one we use everyday. PULSE has produced tangible benefits in terms of waste control and stock management. One of our stores saw a 70% reduction in waste following installation.

Louis Byrne

Manager, Spar

“Market Hub is a huge part of what makes us different. It has helped reduced wastage at our Hackney SPAR store to below 2% and at the same time it has helped us increase our store margin to in excess of 30% GP.

Market Hub identifies any products that are taking over 12 weeks to sell, then we can we reduce these and put a new product in its place.”

James Brundle

Director, Spar, Eat 17

“Market Hub has been an absolute revelation to our business. We have been forced to compete on the basis of product discounts and promotions so we knew the only way to grow was to understand exactly where we could optimise our business.

In 7 weeks we reduced waste and overrides by 31%, and increased profit by 2.6%. We’ve now currently rolled Pulse out across 6 store, have signed on for 2 more stores and use it as the driver of change in Road Chef.”

Mark Rogers

Head of Grocery, Road Chef

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