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Future proof your business with electronic shelf labels and retail intelligence solutions from MarketHub

Innovative Technology

Our goal is to deliver innovative retail intelligence products that help make the day-to-day running of your business easier and more efficient.

Data Analysis

Our bespoke retail analysis system allows us to monitor your sales and customer data so we can quickly spot the gaps that are losing you money.

Improved Efficiency

By identifying the holes in your business we offer price optimisation recommendations that will drive more sales and ultimately revenue.

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In today’s competitive landscape, retailers are overwhelmed on a daily basis with information: from stock data to product sales, customer transactions to waste – it’s easy to be submerged by it all. But understanding the daily activities that impact your business may be the key to improving efficiencies and driving sales. Established in 2015, MarketHub’s goal is to help retailers digest the flood of information and turn it into bite-sized, actionable pieces that focus on increasing margins & profits and reducing time, resources & waste. We offer a range of solutions for your business, including digital price tags, retail data analysis software and machine learning price optimisation systems that have a measurable impact.

  • Reduction in Waste 50% 50%
  • Increased Gross Profit 3% 3%
  • Recommendations Improve Efficiencies in Store 90% 90%


Roy Horgan

Roy Horgan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Quinn

Chris Quinn

Chief Technical Officer

LJ Prendergast

LJ Prendergast

Chief Operating Officer

Dan McSweeney

Dan McSweeney

Chief Software Architect


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