Even in the smallest of retailers, there is a massive flow of information; thousands of products, customers and transactions, all with interesting things to say and with problems and opportunities to identify – but there is simply not enough time to absorb it all so it’s easy to get lost in the flood. That’s where dynamic pricing software comes in.

Pulse saves you time by doing the legwork for you and identifying problems in areas such as waste, stock holding, dropped sales, refunds, voids and falling margins. The aim of Pulse is to process, analyse and distil this flood of information into real insights for your business. Insights that you can act on, reducing costs, adding value and improving efficiencies in your business.








Identifies Problems in areas of waste, stock holding, dropped sales, refunds, voids and falling margins.

Measures Data with focus on promotional, price & sales performance; store versus store, product affinities and customer interactions.


Recommendations on price, waste management, excess stock holding and forecast demand. A dynamic pricing software that gives you real, actionable insights.


Tracks Progress in an easy to understand dashboard so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Interview with Mark Rogers from Roadchef

Mark Rogers is the Head of Grocery at Roadchef Motorway Ltd. Mark talks about how MarketHub’s Pulse helped his stores reduce waste and increase sales by not only allowing him to track important stats on his store but mainly by providing a “so what”, by delivering clear recommendations.

Interviewed here by our partner SES-imagotag, Mark talks about how MarketHub’s Pulse combined with digital price tags have
improved efficiencies for stores and increased the speed of promotion changes.

Mark found Pulse easy to use, whether it be for store supervisors or area directors, and quick to install; he plans on implementing Pulse’s dynamic pricing software across even more stores.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

“I started using Pulse in my forecourt shop in July 2016. Within weeks I was so impressed with the results that I had it ordered for my other two stores.

It’s an essential management tool, one we use everyday. Pulse has produced tangible benefits in terms of waste control and stock management. One of our stores saw a 70% reduction in waste following installation.”

Louis Byrne

Manager, Spar

“MarketHub is a huge part of what makes us different. It has helped reduced wastage at our Hackney SPAR store to below 2% and at the same time it has helped us increase our store margin to in excess of 30% GP.

Pulse by MarketHub identifies any products that are taking over 12 weeks to sell, then we can we reduce these and put a new product in its place.”

James Brundle

Director, Spar, Eat 17

“MarketHub has been an absolute revelation to our business. We have been forced to compete on the basis of product discounts and promotions so we knew the only way to grow was to understand exactly where we could optimise our business.

In 7 weeks we reduced waste and overrides by 31%, and increased profit by 2.6%. We’ve now currently rolled Pulse out across 6 stores, have signed on for 2 more stores and use it as the driver of change in Roadchef.”

Mark Rogers

Head of Grocery, Road Chef

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pulse integrate with my existing systems?

Our secure API is built on the MVC WebAPI. Authenticated users can interact with any of our URLs by using the specified HTTP request method. We recommend using SSL encryption by making request through HTTPS. API documentation is available on request.

Can Pulse work independently without MarketHub's other products?

In short yes. While we do recommend using Pulse alongside MarketHub’s digital price tags it can work independently. It connects with your in-store POS and digests the flood of information from your systems including product sales, customer transactions and stock records.

How quickly can I get set up with Pulse?

Once Pulse is integrated into your existing point of sale system you will start receiving data in as little as 5 working days. Then you can begin actioning the recommendations of the dynamic pricing software. It’s that simple!

How do I train my staff on using Pulse?

Our customer support team are on hand to provide you with all the information you’ll need to familiarise your staff with Pulse. Our team conduct dynamic pricing software training sessions over the phone, using video demos and webinars.

We also have a support line you can email with any questions on support@market-hub.net.